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Full height frameless glass partitioning

Creating a positive wellness and visually impacting your office space!

Giving your employees and colleagues their most optimum environment for success!

A popular alternative to solid, dry wall partitioning, reducing that enclosed, claustrophobic feel.


Why not compliment them both together? Glass and solid partitions, creating a spacious feel to the modern work place.

Our clients opt for our frameless glass partitioning to create a more social space for the team, that

stimulates conversation and team cohesion. 


Office Glass Partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless glass partitioning is the most popular, cost effective, contemporary and functional glass partition system on the market . Our stylish single glazed system, set in our slim line 25mm x 25mm perimeter glazing tracks gives the impression of a seamless glass wall, suitable and tailor made for almost all office and commercial environments.

With an extensive range of different colour perimeter glazing channels and different types of glass thickness and functionalities, we can offer a glass solution to any office scenario. For example our Black perimeter glazing track system is becoming an ever more desirable option, giving customers the sort after 'London' industrial look.

Unlike other glass partition companies, we no longer use silicone products to join and fix our glass modules together. Instead we have developed a dry joint glass system, as well as perfecting new dry jointing techniques, providing crystal clear abutments between all glass panels, giving a highly professional, longer lasting finish that our clients will appreciate.

We will compliment your existing office features and decorative elements. We stock a vast selection of glass door products, glass ironmongery, glass manifestation and glass thicknesses, giving out customers the choice and option to select a product designed for their office space.


We our proud of our comprehensive supply chain and unlike our competitors we can offer a fast-track turn around on all non stock items as well as offering an efficient highly skilled installation to suit our customers business operation.

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Glass office phone booths
Glass partitioning for boardroom
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Acoustic Frameless Glass Partitions
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Acoustic single glazed
Glass meeting rooms

Office privacy is becoming an ever more demanding part of the frameless glass partition industry. With more and more work places adopting a more open plan, spacious working environment to improve employee production, installing a solid plasterboard partition system in the middle of the room would be doing just the opposite. But how do you contain confidential meetings and conversations without doing just that? 

We have now developed both a single glazed and doubled glazed acoustic glass partition system which does just that! From a visual aspect, a new glass meeting room or glass boardroom will not impact on your new office stylistics that you have just created and with a range of 10.8mm and 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass products, we can achieve the same acoustic dB rating as a traditional plasterboard stud partition system.

The glass looks exactly the same as our standard toughened, frameless glass office partitioning, but due to the acoustic, laminated inter-layer which is installed at the  manufacturing stage, we are able to provide our clients up to 51dB sound retention.

But our system doesn't just stop at the floor and ceiling. The Majority of our clients offices inherit a raised access floor and suspended ceiling. Above and below these voids the sound can leak, exposing your conversations to the rest of the open plan office. By installing a vertical friction fit barrier  above and below your glass partitions, we eliminate this problem.

An additional way to retain sound is to install an aluminum door frame around the frameless glass door. Please visit our glass office door page for more detail.

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