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Glass Office Doors

We provide a variance of options for your interior glass office doors, we are happy to discuss the best type of door to suit your requirements, frameless glass doors being the obvious choice, however, we also provide,

Solid veneer doors & hardwood frames - providing a seamless glass abutment

Aluminum powder coated slim-line frames - in various standard RAL colours

Sliding glass doors - elegant visuals including space saving

Pocket sliding doors - where space is critical


Frameless Glass Doors

A frameless glass door gives the impression of a seamless glass wall and the door blends into the glass elevation. There is no  framework required around the door itself and essentially it is a pivoting panel of glass hung into place using specialist glass patch fittings or hinges.

The glass door will have an approximately 4mm gap around its perimeter, allowing it to operate freely when the user wishes to enter or exit the glass office or meeting room.

Depending on the requirement and usage of your frameless glass door will depend on what ironmongery is required. There are various handles available, again depending on its particular usage. For example a conventional frameless glass door will typically consist of lockable lever handle, allowing customers to mechanically open and close the door freely, shutting it behind them and latching the handle into place.

Alternatively for more high use frameless glass doors, we can introduce a self closing mechanism. This enables users to freely push and pull the glass door open without having to mechanically close the door behind them. Ideal for glass entrances, glass meeting rooms or corridors

We also offer double frameless glass doors. Sometimes more suited for busy corridors and boardrooms.

Each frameless glass door during its manufacturing process requires 2 CNC glass cuts. 1 at the top of the door and 1 at the bottom of the door. A small precision 20mm Dia. hole is also drilled. This enables the top/bottom patch fittings to be installed, which act like the doors hinges, enabling users to operative the door in a 90 degree pivoting motion, in the same way as any conventional door.

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Framed Glass Door
framed glass door.jpg
Slimline door frame

A popular way to incorporate glass partitioning into your work place is to create a private meeting room or glass boardroom. This enables your employees to undertake private and confidential meetings and conversations in an environment tailor made for the purpose. 

We have developed and perfected one of our glass systems to provide an acoustic single glazed partition system at an affordable costs to our clients.

As part of this system we have introduced a slimline aluminum door frame, which the frameless glass door is installed into.

The door operates in the same way as our conventional frameless glass doors, however when the door is placed into the closed position the glass door closes into the door frame, which includes built in acoustic PVC door seals.  

This eliminates the sound transfer around the glass door maximizing the glass partitions acoustic potential.

Again the door can operate with a lever handle and be mechanically closed by the user, or we can install various self closing mechanisms for peace of mind and efficiency.

Our door frames match the same colour as your glazing track choice, which are available in a variety of 'off site shelf' colours. However if a more unique colour is your preference, we can match any RAL colour.

We also provide door frames for double glazed and framed glass doors.

Please note: Depending on your floor to ceiling height will depend what hinges we can provide

Timber Doors

Glass partitioning is a brilliant way of maximizing the natural light within the office space, but often the office will have existing doors comprising of a natural timber or veneer. We can match your existing door types to give the continuity within your working space.

We offer a choice of different timber door types from Walnut, Oak, High pressure laminate and more many more. We can also match the door frame to suit the door species, or we can install the timber door into an aluminum door frame to match the glass partition glazing track color.


When it comes to double glazing, a timber door is ideal to help maximize the acoustic properties by reducing the sound transfer due to the doors 44mm thickness. 


Much like a glass door, a timber door can have the option to self close and be lockable, with a wide choice in ironmongery available.

Doors can also be provided with a range of clear glass vision panels, in a variety of sizes.

All our doors are solid core, meaning they are hard wearing, robust and perfect for high traffic glass partitions.