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Double glazed partitioning:-

Our double glazed system offers our customers the very highest performance acoustics along with outstanding visual impact.

Our range of double glazed partitions gives the optimum corporate office vibe.


We offer multiple variations of glass performances, various colour glazing tracks and all of our systems interlink with our range of doors and stud partition systems.

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Double Glazed Partitions

Much like our single glazed frameless systems, our double glazed systems provide an elegant, contemporary solution for all our commercial and office based clients who may wish to opt for a better acoustic performing partition system.


If you are thinking about a new boardroom or meeting room our double glazed partition system is the perfect option. We offer a range of different thickness toughened and acoustic laminated glass types, which provide various dB ratings depending on the combination of glass used. We are able to provide a systems achieving dB ratings (laboratory tested) from 39dB up to 50dB. All working environments are different so we will recommend and advise the most practical, cost effective option, specifically designed to each of our client’s requirements.

We provide various thickness perimeter glazing tracks, which can have a big impact on the acoustic rating achieved, meaning the wider the track the bigger the void between the 2 glass panels, thus improving the acoustic rating further. Our perimeter tracks replicate our single glazed system profiles, including colour, with white, black and grey colours provided as standard. However we have capabilities to power coat our aluminum perimeter tracks in house to any RAL colour requested.

Glass panels are abutted using our crystal i joint methods, meaning no wet silicone is used. This new technology method creates a seamless frameless partition, without the need for vertical mullions or posts that you would normally see on a more dated system.

We offer various door types to complement our double glazed partition systems, from veneered timber, double glazed glass doors or we can also install single glazed frames and frameless doors, depending on our clients aseptically requirements. Our ironmongery ranges are also extensive, giving our customers choice.

A classic option is to incorporate Venetian blinds within the double glazing void, to improve on privacy, especially for the more corporate board rooms, meeting rooms or the boss’s office. We supply & install in house and provide a range of different coloured blind options. Blinds are operated by a circular control knob located on a vertical mullion of perimeter glazing track.

Alternatively privacy can be achieved by installing a manifestation design or graphic.

Frameless double glazed
Double glazed doors
Black glazing tracks
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