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Sliding Glass Office Doors

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London Glass Partitions very own Function Plus sliding glass door sets are space saving & look fantastic. ’This superb & minimalist product is suitable for commercial usage or even within your apartment/home. A very popular product with all our clients, architects & designers. A proven product now used on many projects. We also offer a varied range of robust elegant handles all available in a Satin Stainless Steel finish.We offer a 10-year guarantee.


Our office glass sliding doors are an excellent solution to help save space, whilst offering an elegant system, perfect for creating glass boardrooms or glass meeting rooms.

Available as either a single or double glass sliding door depending on your requirements, our sliding glass doors consists of a heavy duty industrial sliding head rail. Unlike conventional ceiling fixed tracking systems, our sliding rail system is affixed to the static glass panels, giving the user a stylist design and easy to operate sliding glass door.

Each sliding door is hung from the sliding head rail with slimline stainless steel hangers, and we offer a wide range of glass door handles.

Our glass sliding doors can also be lockable with a variety of locking patch fittings, handles available.

Each door is installed with floor mounted buffers and sliding door guide to give our customers the peace of mind that their door is protected when operating the door.

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