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Lapwing, Westminster, London. Approached London Glass Partitions to create for them a corner meeting room.  It was highly important to reduct the sound transfer due to their highly confidential business.

Constructed from 12.8mm Acoustic laminated glass partitions, incorporating a slimline door frame around the frameless glass door. Providing a maximum lab tested 38dB over the standard 33-35dB range products. Avoiding expensive double glazed partitioning.

Careful CNC glass cuts to the 2 top corners to accommodate the buildings high level cornice details.

Installed within our single glazed slimline aluminum glazing tracks as standard, white (Ral 9010).

No manifestation requirements.

Client testimonial

''We felt at ease with the knowing that the team had years of experience. Their knowledge of their products gave us trust from the off. The glass was installed and left so clean and tidy. I would highly recommend this company to any business looking for a glass meeting room.'

-Head of marketing- Liz Trundley

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