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Set in the heart of the London Docklands, Crew a la mode's industrial look office lacked any form of private boardroom space, where team members could brainstorm new ideas and hold client meetings away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the busy office environment.

A natural position for a boardroom was apparent after our initial site meeting with the customer.

Due to the vast floor to ceiling height and various high level M&E obstructions, a dropped plasterboard bulkhead was required. We constructed this from aluminum stud work and acoustic sound block plasterboard, painted white to match the existing perimeter walls.

The glass partition system comprised of 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass set in black perimeter glazing tracks. To compensate the offices industrial style, black 'crittal' banding was also installed both sides of the glass partition.

The door, set in black framework also consisted of self closing mechanism for peace of mind it would always be closed when entering and leaving the room.

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