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As business and work places are beginning to return to work its important that staff and customer safety comes first.

At London Glass Partitions we have developed many ways in which staff and clients can feel safe.

By adapting and evolving our already proclaimed glass partition systems we can offer the very best in glass protection screens.

Take a look below and some of our protection measures.

covid-19 office protection .jpg

Covid-19 Office protection

Desk protection screens

We have adapted our full height glass partition system to provide protective desk screens for all commercial enviornments. By using our standard glazing tracks along side a specially adapted glazing inserts to accommodate a reduced glass thickness, we are able to provide a perfect, simple solution to screening off all desks and work stations within the office. We provide 6mm toughened or laminated glass complete with our perimeter aluminum tracking which is available in a range of different colours.

As you can see from our images we offer various systems which are tailor made to your desk size. Or if you have a specific area you wish to screen off our desk protection screen can be adapted to suit your requirments

Reception desk protection
Double glazed framed doors
Acoustic single glazed

Almost every business or commercial space will have a welcome desk or reception area. To provide additional protection to both the staff operating the desk and the public approaching the desk we have designed a few different types of screen. 


We provide both toughened and laminated glass screens suitable for any reception desk. All of our systems are bespoke to suit each individual situation.

Glass meeting rooms
Free standing  screens

A similar system to our reception desk screen however we can also install to the floor creating a free standing glass protection screen. Installed using toughened or laminated glass.

Glass can be supported with stainless steel posts, clamps or glazing tracks.

Glass protection screens can either be installed direct to the ceiling or free standing below ceiling height.

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